Creative productivity

State-of-the-art technology frees our imaginations

Design processes are also subject to economic factors and should be efficient. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art technologies and software so we can be as efficient as possible for our customers and “produce” projects of the highest quality.

We also invest in order to support our designers to the highest possible degree. In a perfectly functioning environment, the designers can concentrate on the creative process and don’t have to deal with poor tools. Our high standards in the visualization of work results lead to the creation of a decision proposal for our customer which can be used to make a sound decision.

Wind tunnel

Styling and science?

Thanks to our CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system, a virtual wind tunnel is available to us which we use from time to time to improve our samples in line with optimal aerodynamics. Using different graphics, we can visualize results or use animations to get a very precise understanding of aerodynamic effects on the model.

Render farm

30,000 gigabytes for perfect images

26 high-performance computers are linked at STUDIOSYN for rendering CAD images or entire animations. This render farms make it possible for us to create quick and effective CAD images in high, photorealistic quality.


Color and trim

Touching allowed

You’re looking for that special something? Good! We will look for materials and surfaces for you. Our materials studio has several thousand fabric, leather and alacantra samples as well as real wood veneers, handles, trims, curtain materials and much more to choose from. Our two experts will create collages from the desired materials of the finished interior. This will give you a good idea of the quality, effect and harmony of the individual components from at the very beginning of a project. The collages are of not only pleasing to the eye, but are there to be touched and handled as well. Our material samples make your design tangible even at the very early stages of a project.

Optics are not the only important factor, however. We look for materials that fit your requirements on wear resistance, fire prevention, haptics, value and price.


Wacom boards

Digital paper

These boards are large pressure- and angle-sensitive screens which can be used to make sketches with an electronic pen. The designer can quickly and flexibly change the sample and the images have a perfect, magical aesthetic.